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24/7 Immediate Assistance!

24/7 Immediate Assistance!

Santee Residents - Get Our Number On Your Phone!

Whether you live and work in or near Santee, or intend to pass through on business or as part of your vacation driving, you need our number to ensure your vehicle won’t be left stranded at the side of the road due to mechanical breakdown.  Our efficient, friendly service is available 24 hours /7 days a week, providing car roadside assistance and auto towing services to anyone that needs them.  Our trained, professional technicians can frequently get your vehicle running again where you’ve parked it.  If not, we have the right heavy duty towing equipment to safely transport your car wherever it needs to go.


Longer Trips Easily Accommodated

Particularly if you’ve driving an RV or motorhome on a longer trip, engine failure or a flat battery can be a real worry.  Not only are you potentially hundreds of miles from home, but the larger size and weight of an RV can mean that regular towing vehicles will struggle.  When you call us, let us know what you’re driving and we can bring the heavy duty towing equipment needed for safe trailer towing or the transport of other heavyweight vehicles.


Expert Staff, Premium Facilities

In addition to our AAA affiliated roadside recovery system, we also have a state-of-the-art garage facility in Santee where we undertake everything from straight-forward component replacement through to panel beating, bodywork and the installation of new clutches and gear boxes.  Our auto body shop and repairs service offer an affordable opportunity to get your vehicle in premium condition, minimizing the risk of needing our breakdown service in the future.


Cash for Car Offer

Sadly there comes a time when not even roadside assistance or our auto repair service is going to be enough to keep your car running.  Old age comes to us all, even cars, so if you’ve got an ancient clunker that clearly isn’t going to hit the road again, why not sell it to us for recycling and make yourself a nice cash return in the process?  For any of our professional and rapid services, call us now at (619) 444-1800.


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