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24/7 Immediate Assistance!

24/7 Immediate Assistance!

All Your Car Repairs and Auto Towing Services in One Place

Have you ever been stranded at the side of the road in San Diego with a leaking radiator or smoking engine, only to realize that the number you have on your phone is for your regular garage, not roadside recovery?   Perhaps you’ve called someone to help and then they turn up with a regular truck which hasn’t the power to tow your RV.  With so much potential for things to go wrong when it comes to fixing your vehicle, wouldn’t it be great if you could call just one number, 24 hours / 7 days, for everything from car roadside assistance to trailer towing?  Well, now you can.


One Number – Multiple Services

When you call on us, we arrive promptly anywhere in the San Diego area.  If you’re stuck, we’ll try to fix your vehicle then and there.  If the problem’s too big for us to do at roadside, we can either tow it back to our auto body parts and repairs facility to get the job done, or tow you wherever you want to go using our reliable auto towing services vehicles.  We also undertake scheduled maintenance, accident repair work and non-urgent repairs, providing a comprehensive menu of useful options.


Vehicle Removal for Cash

Our cash for cars initiative is ideal for people that have an old second-hand car laid up on the driveway or cluttering up the curb.  Rather than leave it there gathering dust, why not call us up for a free quote?  If you like our offer, we’ll use our heavy-duty towing vehicle to take the car away, leaving you with a nice cash sum for more important things.


Always Prompt, Always Friendly

We are an AAA affiliated roadside recovery service located in San Diego and cover much of South California.  Our service is available day and night, so no matter where you are, just call us and we’ll come out promptly to help.  Our highly skilled technicians can successfully undertake a wide range of repairs, leaving your vehicle in premium condition.  If you need motor repairs, call us now at (619) 444-1800.

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